Company Profile

Goodness Group is one of the rising group of company in Bangladesh. The company started its activities in 2011 named Goodness Builders @ Developers Ltd. by- 1994 company act. The company started its work with only one project. Now it’s become a Group of companies. Goodness Group consists of Goodness Properties Ltd. Goodness Builders & Developers Ltd. Goodness Agro & Fisheries Ltd. Goodness food & Beverage Ltd. &Goodness Green City.

Corporate Management and Human Resources:
The Group clearly has a dynamic and inspired management. Each of the Group companies operates as an independent entity headed by the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director while overall strategic objectives and the corporate management committee set financial targets. To achieve targets, the group employs highly qualified and well-trained staffs. Each operating unit has its own human resources department, which is supported centrally by the Group's Human Resources Department (HRD) at the corporate head office. The HRD is responsible for providing policy guidelines and systems to facilitate the recruitment, development and maintenance of a high achieving work force.

Management Excellence- dynamic strategy with far-sighted planning:
The most significant achievement of this group is supposed to be the dynamism with far-sightedness in strategic planning. Moreover the group employs people with excellent capability in managing cash flows and projects and handling of economic trend to predict demand. The Group is aimed to achieve its goal through proper and efficient utilization of the resources by professionalism and perfect distribution of labour and thus to attain well-being for this society.

In this competitive business environment and high rising inflationary economy, this is quite difficult to profit at the desired level and sustain profitably. To sustain profitably, Tanshir Group ensure cost efficiency in importing and purchasing local inputs. Along with that, management expenses kept at the minimum level.

Management by Objective (MBO)
MBO is a process where management finishes every task setting a prior objective. Ever task planned with appropriate timing and a set objective. Every employee given any task with a time limit and a target. The higher management of Goodness Group ensure that every employee is finishes the task within given time frame and thus achieving the set goal. With this process, management may break up long term tasks in to small goal or objective oriented tasks with time limitation. Achieving objectives one after another would make the way to the long term goal. This policy has been excellent in managing large and medium enterprises that Goodness Group can apply. MBO is highly applicable for starter companies where every task is finished within time and with higher degree of accuracy.

Employee Performance Appraisal
Every employee supervised by respective senior subordinates and performance report prepared taking into account every task finished by the employees.

The Director’s of the company are as follows:
Sl Name Designation Address Nationality
1 Ferdous Ara Khondoker Chairman Vill: Kushlibasha, PS. Kumarkhali, Dist. Kushtia. Bangladeshi
2 Md. Shahidul Alam Managing Director Vill-: Kushlibasha, PS. Kumarkhali, Dist. Kushtia. Bangladeshi

Now a day’s Goodness group is a trustful organization to his stakeholders. The goodwill of Goodness group is not only belongs to the banks but also to the customers. As Goodness is trying to be a part of the nation’s builders, we are committed to build up faith to the customers in the business. If the organization gets proper financial assistance the company will become tiger in business sector.